This inteactive course has been produced for classroom teachers and educatorsd who want to know more about e-learning and who would like to become confident in designing e-learning material to use in their own classrooms. It is primarily targeted at primary and secondary teachers, college educators and university lecturers. Training specialist in adult education will find the course just as benefitial and it can be used as a solid foundation course for the AeLSNet eSkills 4CPD modules This book is for you if: You are interested in e-learning (or think you should be!) You are increasingly feeling that much of the stuff you are reading and hearing about e-learning is way beyond your " capabilities" You are computer literate but not a computer expert. (That is, you can happily use word processing software, email or the occasional spreadsheet) You would like to be a bit more creative than producing the occasional ‘Powerpoint’ presentation You do NOT need to be an IT specialist!