Topic outline

  • Empowering Local Radio with ICT's WORKSHOP


    Course participants were introduced to the the concept of ICT integration at local Radio Stations within the context of Namibia’s Vision 2030 and the NDP4 as it applies to the 21st Century. The rationale is based on the assumption that even at local orcommunity level, radio broadcast has a global impact, both insourcing and disseminating infoprmation. This wascovered by an input presentation entitled:  Beyond a Knowledge Society: Leading Namibia’s Community Radio towards ICT Empowered Broadcasting

    Three main focus areas were: ICTs for RESEARCH, SOCIAL MEDIA for Dissemination and FOSS PRODUCTION Tools

    As part of the RESEARCH component of the workshop, participants all openend a Google Account with access to Google Chrome, Images, Drive, Gmail, attachments,  Youtube, Blogger, Hangout, Maps, Translatorand Scholar and were introduced to using these tools for both improving communication and use as research tools.

    YouTube was introduced as the second largest search engine available. Both Stations opened a channel so that their end products could be uploaded there. In addition, participants were introduced to the using Wikipedia, TED, Khan Academy and Slideshare as useful research tools for community radio content development.

    The benefits and uses of the following SOCIAL MEDIA for both communicatio and research as well as programme dissemination were covered: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn.

    The PRODUCTION component eposed the participants to the use of the following FOSS tools: Photofiltre for Image manipulation, Audacity and Lame forsound Production, Windows Movimaker and Pinnacle VideoSpin for Video production for YouTube broadcast, Moodle and ePortal Africa for online chats and Group Discussions and Mentoring of participants.

    Participants engaged in a highly motivated and creative fashion with the Tools and concepts used. To optimise on the workshop benefits, the online mentoring during October should prove highly benefitial in the medium and long term to both Radio stations.

    • !AH and Base FM Online Workspace